eSchoolView is the premiere website vendor for all K-12 schools: public, private, charter, and faith-based. We provide website solutions for schools that are affordable, flexible, and all-inclusive.
Parent Portal software is a one-stop solution designed to improve school-to-home communication. 
Our Parent Portal software is a customized, online dashboard which provides access to vital information such as student progress, daily activities, account balances, and classroom assignments.
eSchoolView’s reliable K-12 school management software:
  • creates a parent dashboard with a single login;
  • pulls data from your SIS provider and allows management of student contact information;
  • simplifies enrollment and registration process;
  • provides access to each child’s daily activities and student progress;
  • populates a student’s general information from DASL or other SIS;
  • links data for multiple students;
  • increases security through IP address tracking;
  • saves student information from year-to-year allowing for faster updates.
Parent Portal is an add-on component for our K-12 content management system (CMS) and is custom-built to meet each district's needs. Our school management software prompts users to create unique IDs and PIN codes to ensure student data is kept secure.
An easy-to-use solution for all education systems — public, private, and faith-based districts, and charter schools — Parent Portal brings student forms online through school websites and reduces costly paperwork. It also streamlines the process for parents and guardians by linking information for siblings and children within the same household.
eSchoolView provides K-12 websites and school content management system (CMS) software for public, private, charter, and faith-based K-12 schools.
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Boost student achievement with connected parents

Parents can use Parent Portal to:

  • View grades online
  • Access district’s online meal payment system
  • Manage email news subscriptions
  • View bus routes
  • Manage contact information for phone notification systems
  • View relevant school news and calendars
  • Link to teacher pages
  • Download important forms and documents
  • Complete EMA and registration forms online
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