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Building Community Support Through eConnections (part 2 of 2)
Posted 6/7/2013 at 1:45:47 PM by Michelle Vroom [System User]
HornAs promised, we want to give you some more details on building community support.

Benefit with creative tools for strategic communication through website messaging.
     - drive thriving families to your district with facts, figures and history
     - create transparency by sharing district mission and your strategic plan
     - direct attention to latest news and events by easily navigating to critical links
     - surveys to ask public for their input
     - videos and streaming videos   

Deliver powerful newsletters and eNews blasts for measurable results.
     - upcoming levy/bond information, new adopted standards, services provided for parents and students
     - statistics on money saved through various eCommunication tools

Embrace mobile applications and connectivity to put your district on the map.
     - 85% of parents are using Smartphones – provide pertinent information on the mobile platform to news, phone
      numbers, directions, alerts and more
     - mobile creates 75% higher rate of engagement – use mobile RSS/iCal feeds
     - one point of data entry
     - instant phone numbers and directions to buildings at your fingertips for parents
     - district events posted for community involvement
     - school delays and closures

Use instant messaging systems including mass emails, voice and text (not just for emergency alerts).
     - school district and community members
     - teacher to parents for engagement activities
     - teachers to students for positive reinforcement and reminders
     - coaches to community for promoting events
     - promoting special events for additional revenue
     - students to administrators for anti-bullying hotline, text and email
     - teachers to authorities through panic button access

Provide ease of use through a parent portal.
     - single sign-on access to attendance information, bus routes, grades, food service, news and events,
       registration forms, policy handbooks, secure classroom schedules and more
     - Check schedules at beginning of year for security purposes

Engage social media channels proactively and use proper etiquette.
     - RSS feed/blogs/Twitter/Facebook/
     - add You Tube clips without seeing additional videos and ads from You Tube pages