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Tips and Tricks for Website Management

Michelle Vroom's Blog Page
Communicate, Collaborate, and Engage with students and families with these tools!
Posted 10/9/2014 at 10:38:43 AM by Michelle Vroom [System User]
Hands raised eSchoolView’s full line of website communication products can assist schools in developing strong relationships with local communities.
In our previous blog, we discussed the important features of a school website content management system (CMS) for teacher webpages to be successful. Teacher websites are vital to students and families for two-way communication. A learning management tool that integrates with the CMS further increases student motivation and moves schools to provide top-notch experiences. Thus attracting exceptional teachers and families to your public, private, faith-based or charter school.
As teachers become more familiar with a school website CMS and online learning tools, they continue to develop convenient and collaborative learning environments.

The following are some ways that learning management tools can enhance a students’ learning experience and increase engagement:
  • Students can communicate with their teachers via a secure message board.
  • Students and staff use a secure area to store and share documents in the cloud. Don’t worry…they have the ability to determine whom can see the content they post (i.e. staff only, public, all students, or just students on their roster).
  • Students can submit upload homework and assignments via a classroom portal.
  • Teachers can create online quizzes with automatic grading inside a classroom portal.
  • Students can sign up for courses online.
  • Teachers can setup automatic notifications/alerts for student assignments, signed forms, and more.
  • Teachers have their own calendars.
  • Surveys can be set up for students and parents.
  • Find out student interests, strengths and weaknesses to build lesson plans around. Ask parents what they would like to see more of for a more engaging environment.
  • Share the standards you hold your school to with social media.
  • Create a school district blog or suggest a classroom blog.
  • Post activities and projects on Pinterest.
  • Share videos.
Lastly, share your thoughts with us.