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Benefits of the CMS Components for Teachers
Posted 2/18/2013 at 12:04:30 PM by Michelle Vroom [System User]
CMS and componentsConferences are great learning tools. The take-aways for attendees are endless: new ideas, new products, new methodologies.

As presenters and exhibitors like us, we get to talk one-on-one with the folks who use the tools we offer and get to go back to the office and make them even better. Those who use our content management system (CMS) are usually quick to offer praise for its ease of use and it flexibility.

But, we don’t ever like to leave good enough alone. We’re all about pushing limits and taking things to the next level.

That’s why we have created special manuals for teachers, a condensed “Cliff Notes” version of our training tools, if we dare say. Since most teachers will only create a few classroom pages, we wanted to get straight to the point...

The Teacher Manual is complete with visual explanations and written step-by-step descriptions for the most common actions in our CMS. It is available on our Support pages within the Content Management System and accommodates all types of learners (login required). Of course, we still offer onsite training, virtual training, live support specialists and email support.

There are a ton of ways to put the CMS to great use. Always remember to use the CMS as part of your curriculum, no matter what you are teaching.

  • Student Achievement: Stream video to record a student presentation so they can see themselves. Shoot some footage at the beginning of a quarter and then again at the end to show progress in public speaking. Or, use our Quiz Component that instantly grades individual quizzes for fast return and summary of entire classroom allowing.
  • Save the paper and time: Use online textbook. Those of us who remember lugging around way too many books in our backpack sure appreciate this.
  • Parent Involvement: Post homework so parents can look it up. Use online forms for field trips.
Need some suggestions? Take a look at these examples for some good ideas:

Bryon Allgood, Hamilton Elementary School
Amy Gravlin, West-Jefferson High School
Carrie Hollar, Wheelersburg Middle School