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New Year
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Start the New Year off Right with New Creative Classroom Ideas
Posted 1/1/2014 at 12:10:02 PM by Michelle Vroom [System User]
Students Answering QuestionsHappy New Year! Energize your students with these tips to start the year off right with creative new classroom ideas!
  • Change a typical assignment for an essay into a video. Take it to the next level by trying to make it go viral!
  • Give the classroom a different setup like a U-shape to promote engagement.
  • Offer extra credit for scholarships submitted that provide a learning experience. Start with this one.
  • Let the students be an instructor and create their own style of learning that will promote interest in a subject (use social media for math, video games for logistics, etc.).
  • Instead of giving specific assignments, give them options to choose from.
  • Require them to bring technology into the mix of their daily assignments (live stream their presentation over the school district website to share with a mentor or company that parallels their subject matter).
  • Create teamwork tactics for collaboration and encourage movement in classroom exercises.
Be sure to keep it fresh because every student learns differently.

Post more ideas!