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Michelle Vroom's Blog Page
Gain support NOW from your key stakeholders to pass your next school levy!
Posted 9/21/2014 at 12:49:44 PM by Michelle Vroom [System User]
Group of people with hands in center How do you reach your stakeholders? Are you only reaching out to them when you need something? Finding a way to build communication throughout the school year to keep them engaged and informed is essential to a strong education community. When you need to pass a levy, you will have the support you need!

Differences from state to state
School levy campaigns are often processed differently from state to state. Some states are managed and funded through the school district directly and some are managed without school district funding or personnel time. Either way, it is a huge process to gather the resources necessary for the campaign. 

What options exist to help
Use your existing resources to make the most out of your levy campaign. Today, communication and transparency are essential; a levy website is a perfect solution. Whether you add a new section on an existing school website or create a separate website you will be able to:
   • Upload news articles
   • Post financial information to create transparency
   • Mass upload of photos from campaign events
   • Create a levy campaign event calendar that ties into the district and school calendars increasing community involvement
   • Stream video of student extracurricular events to highlight the importance of maintaining budgeted groups
   • Share statistics on the number of families who rely on school buses for transportation if this would be affected
   • Make sure all pertinent information is available on a mobile device
   • Use the eCommerce to raise funds for the campaign
   • Use Event Registration to sign up volunteers
Most importantly, create a plan!

Getting the word out
It is important to use a wide variety of media to reach your community, mass voice mail, text, and email message systems are excellent options to communicate and share information with your community.

How eSchoolView can help
eSchoolView has assisted several school districts in their efforts to pass levies, while building and fostering relationships with their education communities. As part of the Investing in Our Future program, we can assist advocacy groups in working to pass school levies with the use of our outstanding communication tools.

Support Ohio Schools is one of our partners.