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Picking a CMS
Your Guide to Save you Time in Selecting A Content Management System (Part 2)
Posted 10/7/2015 at 12:22:34 PM by Michelle Vroom [System User]

Our last post provided some tips on selecting a content management system (CMS). Here are a few more to simplify the process so it is not such a daunting task.

  • Look for a simple fee structure without additional fees for add-ons, training, extra storage space and custom header design. Budgets are easier to stay within when there are no hidden fees. Review the proposal together.
  • Find out the process that is involved in transferring from the old website to the new CMS. Who is responsible for what tasks? This should be a relatively painless process for the end user with a simple design questionnaire. If there are several documents, news articles, videos, photos and more that need moved to the new site, ask if content migration is included at no additional cost.
  • Ask if custom designs are provided or template designs and understand what each means so the end result is what is expected. Your website is your image to the world! If you do not want six other districts with the same design, you should have that option without paying premium costs.
  • Every organization should expect reliable web hosting services with immediate response times. This can be accomplished with redundant data sites and backup systems in place. Multiple internet connections provide reliability. Ask what plan is in place in the event of various types of emergencies.
  • Find out if the company has Priority One E-Rate eligibility to apply to hosting services. Be aware of what services are eligible for E-Rate funding. Check back soon because we will be giving you tips on E-Rate so not only do you know what to do, you know what not to do so you do not lose valuable funding.