Improving School Efficiency with a CMS

Improving School Efficiency with a CMS

While the main goal of any school around the world is to produce the highest caliber students to eventually enter the workforce, this goal cannot be achieved without high levels of efficiency and focus. By implementing an easy content management system, schools can gain more control over their website solution and make it simpler for everyday tasks to get completed. Cloud-based CMS systems and online forms give schools the resources they need to operate smartly. With improved efficiency, administrators and teachers can shift their focus from filling out mounds of paperwork, to providing their students with the tools and resources needed to receive a high-quality education and succeed later on in life.

Advantages of Cloud-Based CMS and Online Forms

Streamlining workflow, improving communication between faculty, administration, and parents, and recovering time previously wasted on non-essential tasks are critical. In order for schools to understand the full power of cloud-based CMS solutions and online forms, they must see them put in action. While many groups may want to resist an overhaul, these opportunities allow schools and educational organizations to gain maximum flexibility with a wide range of applications. In terms of creating and managing a website, a cloud-based CMS fosters collaboration between teachers, administrators, and district staff.

In addition to managing communications between staff members, a CMS allows schools to build custom websites that fit their needs, as well as those of the district and students. Teachers are able to publish blogs, surveys, podcasts, photo galleries, and more. By simply logging into the system from any computer, websites and individual pages are easily updated using the same sign-in credentials as the CMS platform. As more parents and faculty members turn to their smartphones for information while on the go, having a mobile solution in place greatly benefits schools as well. Using the cloud-based CMS as a central database of information, schools can provide users with staff directories, updated calendars and schedules, meeting times, social media updates, and more. This helps parents and students remain up-to-date on what is happening on campus so no vital information is lost in the shuffle.

The annual ritual of filling out forms before the start of the school year for parents of children in K-12 can be a burden for all involved. From keeping track of all of the paperwork, to entering data to filing the forms away, the process can be time consuming and inefficient. Switching to online forms helps schools capture all of the required data, while allowing families to complete materials on their own schedule. According to Forbes, organizations that go paperless spend less time on non-essential tasks and have higher security of their documents.

For schools and other education organizations, the use of web forms results in a centralized database for all students that can easily be updated from year to year. Examples of online forms for schools include emergency contact information, medical needs and food allergies, permission slips, and other participation paperwork.

Ways eSchoolView CMS Can Help Teachers

Cloud-based CMS and online forms solutions for schools from eSchoolView provide a number of advantages for teachers and administrators. With an easy content management system in place, a number of job duties become much more streamlined. In addition to maintaining an individual web page for a class, such as Mrs. Smith’s 3rd graders, these tools help educators quickly and easily distribute information to students and their parents. For example, prior to taking a field trip to the local museum Mrs. Smith can email a link to an online permission slip to parents directly, instead of taking a chance that the students misplace a paper form. Mrs. Smith can then use the CMS to track which students have completed permission slips on file, improving accuracy and reducing the amount of time and energy spent needlessly.

In a 2013 study completed by the Department of Education in the United Kingdom, the most efficient schools in the country both deployed their workforce effectively, and reduced both back office and running costs. By utilizing an eSchoolView CMS teachers can put more time into their students and reduce their workload. At the same time, teachers and administrators gain the ability to produce and distribute additional content for their students that is useful for their education, such as test preparation materials and supplemental lesson plans which expand upon topics covered in class. Giving students the support and resources to help them succeed makes the job that much more rewarding.

Ways eSchoolView CMS Can Help Students and Parents

Content management not only helps schools operate more efficiently, it also gives additional support to students and their parents. The Parent Portal by eSchoolView is a one-stop destination for families that improves school-to-home communication. Parents are able to customize an online dashboard that lets them see student progress, as well as daily activities and assignments. In addition, schools that take advantage of the various CMS tools available are able to present a much more comprehensive website that gives families all of the information they need.

Parents have a much more convenient and friendly way to submit forms and update personal and contact information. By increasing security of the electronic information, eSchoolView also allows for student information to be saved and carried on throughout a student’s time at the school. This means parents do not need to fill out a completely new set of forms each year. Parents have the ability to maintain their own information we well as receive updates from the school. As grade reports come out after each grading period, parents and students can log in to see the information in a way that is clearly presented. This is the best way for both parents and students to stay on top of the workload and ensure that the work is being completed to increase academic performance.

Improving the efficiency of your school or educational organization is as simple as implementing online forms and a comprehensive cloud-based CMS. Learn more about the benefits of eSchoolView CMS and see the potential of what an easy content management system can mean for your school by contacting a representative. Call eSchoolView directly today at (888) 932-6460 for more information.