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Know-It-All Mobile App

Stay connected to students, parents and the community with a customized, mobile school website and easy-to-access smartphone app.
Building Powerful School Websites: We have an App for That! 
The eSchoolView KnowItAll App is an innovative solution for K-12 websites. It is included with the Mobile Suite package and is compatible with all Apple and Android devices. Also, no double data entry is required--all information pulls directly from eSchoolView's website content management system. The App can be utilized by school district's administration, staff, students, families, and community!
  • It can be found at the Apple Store here.
  • It can be found at the Google Play Store here.
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Some key benefits of the KnowItAll App include: 
  • Universal School System Directory: Users can access multiple districts or just one. Works great for families of teachers/employees who work in one school system and have children in another school district. Includes a searchable index.
  • District Directory: All buildings in the school district are listed in KnowItAll through an easy-to-read list sorted by hierarchy and alphabetical order. The District office is at the top, followed by secondary schools, elementary buildings and then preschools (where applicable).
  • Building Directory: Contact information for each district/school building is available inside KnowItAll at the user’s fingertips and is coded with interactive triggers. Every building entry includes the following information: school name, school phone number, principal’s name, school address, events calendar, staff directory, school news feed and a link to the school district’s website.
  • Staff Directory: An alphabetical order directory inside KnowItAll drills down even further into each school and/or building with interactive links to email addresses and phone numbers for each staff member. A simple tap will place a call or send an email. Staff data is integrated with human resource databases to ensure up-to-date accuracy.
  • Events Calendar: Every event on the school district’s calendar from holidays to sporting events are pulled into the KnowItAll App. Users can choose from the district master calendar or use a building-specific calendar located on each building page. When an event changes on the district’s master calendar, the information is automatically updated in the KnowItAll App. Multiple events per day are listed in chronological order.
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