Mobile access boosts parent and community engagement

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Mobile Site Convenience Increases Community and Parent Involvement
Posted 3/15/2016 at 9:51:28 AM by Michelle Vroom [System User]
Mobile Site Convenience Increases Community and Parent Involvement
Mobile phones are compact and convenient but every device must meet high standards by captivating the audience with the same content, stellar design and concise navigation! Research proves mobile pages provide 75% higher rate of engagement. Could your district use more parent involvement, community support and increased student knowledge all leading to an academically higher rating for your district?

Here are some ways eSchoolView's Mobile Suite can make that happen:
  1. Instant alerts of an emergency or school closing can be invaluable to the on-the-go parent of three kids.
  2. Easy access for parent to their child’s teacher pages on the iPad from the basketball game stand where they can review the posted homework assignments and see if their child has time to celebrate a game victory or head home to study.
  3. Ability to read the latest school news via an RSS feed while in line at the grocery store allows community members to understand and view why an upcoming levy needs their support. 
  4. Capability to view the school lunch menu to see if a stop has to be made at the grocery store can be a valuable tool too.
  5. Immediate access to staff and administration directories without perusing through page after page of the website is essential for parents.
  6. Access to pertinent information to parents about classroom activities and community members about board meetings via their smartphones will increase their ability to stay engaged leading to more volunteers and support.
What does eSchoolView's Mobile Suite Include?

As people rely more on mobile devices for news and communication, accessibility is crucial. The affordable eSchoolView Mobile Suite package will put your school district on the map by ensuring your community can access and read up-to-date information anytime, anywhere. Mobile Suite includes a Responsive Mobile Site and the eSchoolView KnowItAll App—it is compatible with all Apple and Android devices.

Mobile Suite fully integrates with eSchoolView’s website Content Management System (CMS)—meaning no double data entry is required. All content and updates are transferred in real time directly from the CMS.