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Tips for Using Your CMS Components to Be Green and Save Green
Posted 4/21/2014 at 11:31:50 AM by Michelle Vroom [System User]

Green EarthWith Earth Day upon us and Arbor Day around the corner, we thought we would share some ways you can use your website CMS components to save your school district or education organization money and be sustainable.

  1. Get your message across through posting news on the website, writing a Superintendent’s message and posting blogs.
  2. Send out an enewsletter.
  3. Get your stakeholders to subscribe to the RSS feed.
  4. Set up and use the school Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. Then create your own so families and students get to know who you are as a person and where you stand on issues to create a transparency.
  5. Download pdf forms for parents to access online. No more lost paperwork between the school and home!
  6. Post online surveys to community members and parents for instant feedback.
  7. Post board meeting agenda and notes. You can even do a live streaming video too!
  8. Post the lunch menus, classroom calendars, district calendars.
  9. List your school financial statistics; share how much you saved by sending out information online.
  10. Post your town demographics, school demographics, district report card ratings and more!

 You often reach people much faster through online resources as opposed to mail and this is the only way to go today. The website becomes and endless wealth of knowledge going from one link to another depending on your visitor’s needs. Call us for more possibilities.

Statistic: Nordonia Hills School District saved $60,000 one year by using their CMS components saving on printing costs. How much could you save?

Now when you think about doing online forms, you really get into big savings. Read about the Parent Portal Online Forms here. Single sign-on to access all your children’s data instead of going to multiple different sites. Piles of paperwork disappear!