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Great Start to the School Year
Top 10 List for a Great Start to the New School Year
Posted 7/29/2013 at 2:11:08 PM by Michelle Vroom [System User]
Back to SchoolWe can almost hear the school bells ringing! As many of you start to think about a fresh, new start to the 2013-2014 school year, you might be looking to find solutions to some of these common goals that we hear.

  1. Better lines of communication between the staff and administration.
  2. Easier way for parents to communicate to parents and get results.
  3. Community support for school events as well as levies.
  4. Consolidate some software for additional savings and a one stop shop.
  5. Set up automated scheduling and payments to rent out district facilities.
  6. Gather as much input and knowledge as possible from my stakeholders – listening is key for great public relations
  7. Share information with others through social media and/or through personal voice, email or text messages sent out in mass. 
  8. Go mobile with software for my convenience as well as other users
  9. Keep a healthy balance between work and home.

Many of these can be accomplished through a website content management system (CMS). Integrate additional web software so your school district or educational organization can be more productive this year.

We leave this last one up to you:
      10.  Be positive all year and remember that actions shall be based on a better future for the students!

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