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Emergency preparedness
Is your school district prepared for an emergency?
Posted 5/17/2013 at 4:04:59 PM by Michelle Vroom [System User]
Panic ButtonAlthough we have had too many unfortunate crises in school districts, we must learn from them to better prepare us for tomorrow. Here is a great resource:

A voice, text and email alert system capable of being used across all staff members can provide many communication solutions both to prepare for and act during a crisis. This could help you effectively and efficiently communicate a plan, assign leadership roles, manage people and manage the media.

If your school offers an emergency button on the teacher’s in-room phone it may not be enough. Since most teachers and administrators now have cell phones, they can seek shelter while protecting their children and themselves and at the same time initiate an instant emergency notification to internal staff with their cell phone.

New: Our Instant Connect Panic Button is something you hope to never use, but having it in place should be an integral part of your 2013-2014 Crisis Response Plan.

Instant Connect also offers other unique features such as a seamless integration with PowerSchool and can also play a preventive role in allowing students to text in bullying reports.

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