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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What size schools and organizations use eSchoolView’s cloud-based software?

A: Our clients range from organizations as small as 5 employees to districts with more than 99,000 students.


Q: Is there a limit to the number of pages or users and are there an additional costs per building?

A: Nope - you have no restrictions! We offer unlimited pages, unlimited content and unlimited users. We do not charge per building and our fees are based upon number of students. 


Q: What makes a good K-12 school website? 

A: Great question! There are many facets to a strong school website for a K-12 system, whether public, private or charter. Read more about what we think here
Q: What type of support does eSchoolView offer?

A: We offer several support options with no additional costs, including training videos, manuals, email and phone communication, and interactive online support.


Q: How much training is included?

A: We provide five hours of training per contract year with a normal training session lasting between an hour and an hour and a half. Additional training packages are available for purchase but we are confident this will do the trick!


Q: Is eSchoolView’s CMS easy to use?

A: Of course it is! Our CMS is very easy to use and requires no technical experience. To further assist users, we also provide a simple in-line editing feature.


Q: Are there web hosting storage space/limitations?

A: We do not limit content or hosting space for your data. Pretty awesome, right?


Q: Does eSchoolView have an app and/or mobile capabilities?

A: Our app can be downloaded for Apple and Android devices. Also, our websites are responsive in order to customize the experience for tablets and smartphones.


Q: How often does eSchoolView update its software?

A: We release regular system updates every 90 days. Our in-house development team frequently pushes enhancements sooner as they are developed and tested.


Q: Does eSchoolView offer an inline editing tool to make updates through the public facing site?

A: Yes, our Quick-Edit inline editing tool is accessed in the footer from all pages using the same login credentials as the CMS.


Q: Does eSchoolView offer a voice dialing system?

A: Yes, Instant Connect includes mass voice, text, and email messages to be sent from all levels of administration and staff. It is a great tool to increase communication between school and home.

Q: Does eSchoolView software integrate with Student Information Systems (SIS)?

A: Yes, we offer integration with variety of SIS systems.

Q: Do I have to resize my photos before uploading into the eSchoolView CMS?

A: No, because no one has time for that! Our system will automatically resize and crop the photo within the CMS without any special software needed on your end.


Q: Do I have to encode my videos in order for them to work in eSchoolView’s CMS?

A: No, our HTML5 video encoder will automatically encode your raw video file to ensure your video will stream on any device and any operating system.

Q: Can I send a notification or alert from my tablet?

A: Yep. We also offer a simplified mobile version of our CMS.


Q: How long does it take to get my website up and running?

A: Every education organization is different, but the process typically takes 12 weeks. We will work around your schedule and achieve your deliverable timeline.

Q: What security measures does eSchoolView take to make sure my website service is secure and uninterrupted?

A: We have two primary data centers for load balancing of traffic and a standby Disaster Recovery site. Our redundant firewalls, active Distributed Denial of Service protection, and threat monitoring are covered with our web hosting platform.

Q: Does eSchoolView customize any of the software to fit the education organization’s needs?

A: You bet we do! We have a handful of designers and developers on staff who are able to customize our products to fit your exact needs. Tell us what you need and we will make it happen!
let’s get started.
NATIONWIDE: 888.932.6460 | LOCAL: 614.675.5557 | FAX: 614.559.6762
let’s get started.
NATIONWIDE: 888.932.6460 | LOCAL: 614.675.5557 | FAX: 614.559.6762