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Website Analysis
How does your school district or educational organization’s website measure up?
Posted 7/12/2013 at 1:48:17 PM by Michelle Vroom [System User]

Computer monitor and mobile devicesAnswer some of these questions to find out:
  1. Do you ever wonder why you get so many phone calls into administration with questions that should be easy to access on your webpage?
  2. Are you aware of what data should be posted on your website to draw new families to your district?
  3. Are you providing the most convenient source of information through a mobile version of your district site?
  4. Is your community involved in district activities?
  5. Does your website help you pass levies?
  6. Do your parents know how to access student information via a secure web?
  7. Are you able to have multiple people (without programming knowledge) update information on your website making it a true information portal for everyone?
  8. Do you have support/training options that are included with your website?
  9. Does your district and each school’s website have a consistent design for intuitive navigation by users?
  10. Do you have current news posted on your website regularly?
  11. Are you hesitant to use social media with your school district?
  12. Does your website Content Management System (CMS) integrate with other software used by your district eliminating double entry of content?

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