News | eSchoolView makes saving money easy with easy-to-use CMS

August 2014

Affordable website solutions are available for schools

Computer MonitorFunding in education is an issue that affects all school districts at some point in time. As the federal government modifies its E-rate program* and how dollars are allocated, districts must adapt to the loss of funding for website hosting fees. Whether or not E-rate changes affect your school or not, staying within budgets can be a challenge.

eSchoolView is the creator of an easy-to-use website content management system (CMS) developed specifically for schools and educational organizations. This Columbus, Ohio based company helps build vital relationships and bolster your parent engagement initiatives through electronic communication tools—so eSchoolView has made it a priority to open doors to revenue opportunities through their custom-built software.

By investing in a website CMS including mobile school districts not only saves resources on items like paper and personnel costs, but also saves significant time by reaching all necessary audiences both faster and more efficiently.

Several other affordable K-12 products are offered including emergency notification systems, online forms, parent portal, facility rental software and an event registration tool. These powerful web tools that integrate with each other can be bundled to save money offering a one-stop shop. Some software provides K-12 schools with an often-overlooked revenue stream.

Facilities Management is software that provides schools with the ability to manage the rental of building facilities to outside organizations and groups. It maximizes building usage and increases efficiency by allowing the coordination of reservations, contacts, and reminders with online payment options.

Event Registration is a web-based software that enables staff, students, family and community members to register in advance for school events and staff development courses through an automated registration and payment process. Event registration integrates directly with the district and school calendars, saving significant time because no double data entry is required.

School Store is an e-commerce product that provides the opportunity to sell school supplies, spirit wear, tickets and books as well as pay school fees by creating a virtual store with a secure, encrypted checkout area. It increases fee payment punctuality and online sales.

These cost-effective products are the answer for all K-12 educational organizations: public, private, faith-based, charter, career and technology centers and educational service centers.

In addition to offering easy-to-use and affordable content managed websites, eSchoolView forms partnerships offering discounts as well as other options like placing advertisements directly on their website to generate revenue.

A secure website is vital for school communications to create a trusting relationship with your community, parents, staff and community.

* According to the E-rate Modernization Order Released: July 23, 2014