News | Communication through social media channels for school districts

How schools communicate through social media channels

Is your school district or education organization on board or has the social media train left the station?

A joint study conducted by The Center for Digital Education (CDE) and the National School Boards Association (NSBA) shows social networking is reaching new heights in school systems across the country.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the like have proven to be community outreach powerhouses. The data packs a big punch.

More than three-fourths of school districts maintain a presence on at least one social media channel according to the study found here. This is a significant jump from 2010 findings when just 30 percent in the Digital School Districts Survey reported using social networking.

Intentional and powerful communication is vital to bolstering public support. It also has a strong, positive impact on student achievement.

Data collected across the country from the National School Public Relations Association specifically point to improved student academic achievement, including higher grade point averages and scores on standardized tests, more classes passed, higher enrollment in more challenging academic classes and better attendance.

Strong foundations and integrated approaches are critical to social networking success. Establishing a presence is the first step; managing regular and routine conversations is necessary to deepen relationships.

“Strategic communication opens doors that pave the way to powerful ties between school districts and their communities,” eSchoolView Executive Director Rob O’Leary said.

"Our goal is to help districts boost public trust and engage communities to support the mission of increasing student performance."

The eSchoolView team works side-by-side district staff members to expand capacity or create tailored services in districts with or without dedicated public relations positions. Together, eSchoolView and the district identify targeted outcomes to ensure the delivery of measurable results.

eSchoolView works with districts to:
  • Establish social media presence
  • Link social media to website
  • Produce electronic and print distribution content tying into social media 
  • Develop brand awareness to draw families and employees to your district
“Increased accountability and student performance are always the driving factors behind our approach,” O’Leary said.