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February 2014

Dedication is teaching students about technology

Taking its approach to S.T.E.M courses to a new level, students in Reynoldsburg City Schools are learning computer and website coding in middle school. The course, offered at Hannah J. Ashton for the second year, is taught by members of the eSchoolView team, a Columbus-Ohio based company that builds custom websites for schools through a Content Management System (CMS).

Students are taught HTML (a language from which websites are built) and CSS (a style guide for its interpretation) so they are able to develop a practical understanding of their uses. From there, they learn the benefits of and how to employ a CMS-based website.

The goal is to reach students early and help them discover a direction in a technology-rich world with endless possibilities.

“This class is an excellent opportunity for the students to connect what they learn in the classroom with a real-life application,” Rob O’Leary, the executive director of eSchoolView, said. “As digital natives, these kids tap into their problem-solving, critical thinking and creative skills with a profound effect… for us adults and them as an eye-opening experience.”

Expectations are steep. Students are expected to learn the code, write original content, create a logical flow for navigation on a mock-up site and use original digital pictures to enhance the site’s design and effectiveness.

eSchoolView staff teaches the class every day through its Investing in Our Future program. The company is dedicated to helping students develop 21st century skills. In fact, eSchoolView has offered more time and money in each of the program’s three years — which also offers substantial scholarships to high school seniors across the country — for the development of future leaders.

More than 50% of the students in the class said they would be interested in pursuing programming or website development as a career path.

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