News | Diamond Lake’s Revamped Website

June 2013

Building community in Diamond Lakes one website at a time

eSchoolView and Diamond Lake School District partner to take building community to a whole new level.
From the start, the new school district website is easier to find at its new home Information on the homepage is streamlined with news and events posted front and center.

The design of the site elevates the district’s reputable brand as it incorporates the diamond into a sleek presentation. Information on the site is tailored to the end user and presented by groups: students, parents, staff and community.
Additional elements of the design bring consistency and an intuitive navigation to the site. Links for schools in the district, Board of Education, education foundation and curriculum are prominent on the homepage.

“Diamond Lake realizes the importance of being able to keep content up to date on the website so the community uses it to find out information and stays engaged,” eSchoolView Executive Director Rob O’Leary said. “Websites are not meant to stay stagnant.”

The new website is powered by eSchoolview’s Content Management System (CMS), which is a platform purposely created for multiple contributors. The CMS is a web-based system, so district personnel with basic computer skills can upload content from any computer with efficiency.

Ultimately, teachers in the district will create individual pages for their classrooms that will be used to improve communication between school and home. The pages will feature class news, homework, photos, progress and more.

“We create software products for education that encourage collaboration.” O’Leary said. “Informed communities are involved communities and that has a positive impact on student achievement.”

eSchoolView builds custom websites for all K-12 schools with its easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) & other integrated products.