News | Evergreen Park School District 124 overhauls site

February 2013

Evergreen Park School District 124 overhauls site

A Chicago-area district has teamed up with eSchoolView for a total site overhaul.

An entirely new website will enable Evergreen Park School District 124 on Chicago’s south side to better connect community with parents and area residents. The site will have a Mobile Suite companion and will be built with eSchoolView’s award-winning Content Management System (CMS).

“Our main priority for this initiative is to boost our communication efforts to ensure we are sharing relevant and timely information with our district’s community,” Tony Le, District Technology Director said. “Our current site is cumbersome and not as effective as it could be.”

Evergreen Park Schools serves nearly 2,000 students in grades kindergarten through grade 5.

The new site will feature a number of Web 2.0 tools, creating a dynamic two-way forum between the district and community members. Blogs, surveys, RSS feeds, e-newsletter blasts, podcasts and video will become central components of the site.

The improved intuitive navigation, integration of photos, student work and teacher pages will serve to boost, unique visits, return-rate and time spent on the site. District officials plan to unveil the new look this summer.

“We feel a strong responsibility to help districts, school systems and other organizations build stronger foundations for parent involvement,” Rob O’Leary, director of eSchoolView said. “An informed community is critical to increased student achievement. Our CMS platform and related products are created to support student growth.”

"Our development is a result of our team’s precision and tenacity,” O'Leary said. “We are resolute in making certain we always have the capacity to deliver top-notch service and state-of-the art products to our clients."

eSchoolView builds custom websites for all K-12 schools with its easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) & other integrated products.
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