Grant Wright

Grant Wright
Grant Wright helped make eSchoolView a success from the beginning.

eSchoolView's exemplary business practices are due in large part to Grant's extensive experience with custom web design companies. Prior to eSchoolView's debut in 2009 as a web-hosting solution for K-12 school districts and educational organizations, he and Executive Director Rob O’Leary started iCohesion, a design firm dedicated to helping businesses and government entities with their web communication. The pair also founded SchoolPointe, which merged with another company prior to their departure. 
In 2014, EdTech Digest recognized Rob and Grant for their leadership and visionary approach in the education technology space.  
Grant, an attorney and a graduate of The Ohio State University’s business program, manages the operations of the company. He and Rob continuously monitor the quality of their products and services as well. He also helps secure key partnerships with educational support organizations, which helps clients receive special pricing.

“eSchoolView has been our best venture yet," he said. "Our content management system and related products are top quality. Our team is also second to none: Work is fun when you have a creative and energetic people who consistently push themselves to ensure clients are satisfied." 
Grant’s dedication to eSchoolView means he spends a majority of his time focused on helping the company grow and thrive. When he is not at work, he enjoys writing code, practicing law and playing with his three English Bulldogs.

Grant's contact information:
888.932.6460 x120