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January 2013

State-of-the-Art Communication Tools Build Relationships

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) – Instant Connect is a state-of-the-art communication tool created to increase efficiency and help boost student achievement for the education market. eSchoolView, a website and software development company and BrightArrow Technologies partnered to create Instant Connect through a collaboration based on research that shows students excel academically in engaged and informed communities.

The partnership between the two companies offers a website content management (CMS) platform coupled with a unified voice, text and email message alert system. The BrightArrow system and eSchoolView software services over 700,000 students throughout the United States. School district staff will have new opportunities to connect with parents and residents through emergency contacts and expanded messaging. The possibilities are endless: parent-teacher communication, activity reminders or critical news alerts.

“The possibilities of how organizations can use these powerful, award-winning tools for academic growth and achievement are endless,” said Rob O’Leary, Director of eSchoolView. “We want to enable educational leaders to connect with their parents and communities in a timely manner with relevant information.”

The new Instant Connect tool will feature one point of data entry for SIS information, website content and a communication alert system. Some of Instant Connect’s other key features include:
  • Unlimited voice, text, and e-mail notifications
  • Emergency priority message delivery
  • Fast school cancellation and delay announcements
  • Multi-language support (40)
  • Anti-bullying hotline and reporting service
  • Automated absentee notifications to parents

A few key features of the CMS include:
  • Unique site design catered to your district
  • Average training time is 1.5 hours, although our contract allows up to five hours per year at no additional cost
  • Five included support methods are available when you need us
  • Upload up to 500 MB files with unlimited storage
  • Quarterly maintenance updates are provided at no additional cost
  • Peace of mind, safety and security through a reliable, secure network
Instant Connect and the correlated CMS solutions offered by eSchoolView are cost-effective E-rate eligible tools. Districts -- where public accountability is top priority -- will save money and build valuable relationships by employing a full-featured messaging system and an easy-to-use content management system!

“One of the wonderful perks of using eSchoolView is your customer service. There has not been one time where we have contacted you and you have not responded back within just a few minutes! The system is so user friendly and I absolutely love the report that automatically generates at the completion of dial-out and is emailed directly to me. The report clearly states exactly all information needed. No fussing with logging back into the system and trying to find the report you need. Thank you for bringing eSchoolView Instant Connect to TCTC!”
-Jodi Steinhauser, Secretary to Dean of Attendance Office at Trumbull Career and Technical Center
eSchoolView builds custom websites for all K-12 schools with its easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) & other integrated products.
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