News | Strategic Communication Opens Doors and Builds Trust

Strategic Communication Opens Doors and Builds Trust

eSchoolView, a website and software company for school districts and education organizations helps districts create strong foundations -- or add force to those that exist -- especially where budgets are tight and resources are scarce with our eCommunication tools and Public Relations Consulting.

Members of the eSchoolView team have won a number of state and national awards specifically for communication strategies. The most recent comes from the Ohio Chapter of the National School Public Relations Association.

eSchoolView works with districts to:
  • Establish social media presence
  • Create content for websites
  • Produce newsletters for electronic and print distribution, and
  • Develop strategic PR plans targeted to key stakeholders 
The OHSPRA awards were for special purpose publications and strategic planning. Websites created by eSchoolView have consistently been recognized by the organization for design and content.

“Our goal is to help districts boost public trust and engage communities to support the mission of increasing student performance,” Executive Director Rob O’Leary said.

The eSchoolView team works side-by-side district staff members to expand capacity or create tailored services in districts without dedicated public relations positions. Together, eSchoolView and the district identify targeted outcomes to ensure the delivery of measurable results.

“Increased accountability and student performance are always the driving factors,” O’Leary said.

“Strategic communication opens doors that pave the way to powerful relationships.”