News | Taking innovation one step further with eSchoolView Hybrid Mobile

October 2013

Taking innovation one step further with eSchoolView Hybrid Mobile

eSchoolView, a website and software development company for educational organizations, has developed a streamlined approach that takes the innovation of Responsive Web Design in a bold new direction.
As a solution to the major shift in web consumption habits of audiences, the Columbus, Ohio-based company has made creating Content Management System (CMS) websites that perform equally as well on every device its number one priority.
eSchoolView Hybrid Mobile preserves brand image and design without losing functionality of the site across varying platforms. The company has been lauded by its client base of public school districts that operate on limited taxpayer funding.
eSchoolView is committed to bolstering its client’s brands and helping school districts build meaningful relationships with their communities.
“The dramatic increase in mobile and tablet use has created a buzz for the web development industry,” eSchoolView Director Rob O’Leary said.” “The need for flexible web layouts is vital for sites to better accommodate the wider selection of browsing options currently in use.”
Responsive Web Design “RWD” has currently been made known as the most popular ‘solution’ to reach this goal. Yet, RWD is known to have common performance problems including sacrificing desktop design and functionality because it makes site pages more complicated and slows performance.
National statistics show that by 2014 more people will be using mobile devices to access the internet than desktop PCs. At the turn of the year 48% of U.S. households will own tablets, and by 2015 two billion people will own smartphones globally.
Ultimately, eSchoolView Hybrid Mobile allows a custom desktop site and a custom responsive mobile site catered towards each school district’s specific needs. This ensures the best user experience, regardless of the device or what orientation the device is currently in.

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