News | Teachers earn scholarships for innovative activities in classrooms

April 2013

Teachers earn scholarships for innovative activities in classrooms

Three teachers creatively employing the eSchoolView content management system (CMS) in their classrooms to engage students and involve parents are the winners of the company's scholarship program for educators.
Dan Parks from Titusville Area Schools in Pennsylvania, Trevor Carvor from Allen County Schools in Kentucky and Rebecca Riberich from Peters Township School District in Pennsylvania will each receive a $500 Investing in our Future grant.

"All three of these educators displayed unique and beneficial ways of using eSchoolView’s CMS for their classroom, really demonstrating a deep commitment to their students," Director Rob O'Leary said.

One district will use the scholarship for a new camera to be used with several classes, another plans to purchase tools that will better service the district as it proceeds into 21st Century Learning (as well as align with the new standards that are currently being taught), and the third will bring in an inspirational speaker to benefit the entire learning community.

The teachers will receive $500 to put to use in their classes. They were asked to develop and describe creative uses for web technology in education using one or more components of the eSchoolView CMS to increase achievement and efficiency for teachers with the tools already available at their fingertips.

Entrants had to show the use of the CMS through both visual and verbal descriptions as a way to portray the example(s). The contest was graded by a third party panel of education professionals who used an evaluation rubric provided by eSchoolView.

eSchoolView’s leadership and creative teams value education and the work of school personnel who prepare students for the future. The “Investing in Our Future” awards include scholarships to both students and educators as an opportunity to use professional grade software in a relevant and meaningful way.
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