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October 2015

Using technology to fight bullying

One text can help stop a bully. 

That’s big news because according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, one in every three U.S. students says they have been a victim of bullying at school. 

While October and national Bullying Prevention month wrap up, companies such as eSchoolView will help schools and districts across the country keep prevention efforts in play. The website developer and educational software provider based in Columbus, Ohio, offers the ability to create anonymous inbound texting systems to boost security.

Anti-bullying hotlines such as Instant Connect work to eliminate school violence, threats, theft and even cheating. The feature is an added benefit to the tool that was originally created to dispatch in a matter of minutes mass alerts for closings, delays and other timely information. 

“Technology allows us to see bullying in action when we read the messages sent to or posted about the victim,” Rob O’Leary, executive director at eSchoolView sad. “We’re using similar methods to take a stand and create an environment where those who feel threatened have a place to turn.”

National Bullying Prevention month draws to an end this week, but the need to bring light to its harmful effects continues. Parents, teachers and communities will need to continue to work together toward a solution to diminish bullying’s dark cloud.

Alexa Ferko, a high school senior in central Ohio whose school doesn’t have an inbound system, said she sees a major benefit for its use.

“This would take the efforts one step further,” she said. “Schools promote safe environments through the encouragement of anti-bullying messages, but this would make a lot of people feel safer. The positive influences could last year round.”

eSchoolView’s Instant Connect, which integrates with the company’s Content Management System, also gives schools the option to activate a crisis control system. Teachers can use their phones as a panic button of sorts to report emergencies. The calls immediately trigger a silent, speed-dial alert delivered to the identified crisis support staff members. 

eSchoolView was created in 2008 and has offices in Arizona and North Carolina. Its revenue growth ranks the company near the top third at 1907 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in the country.

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