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October 2015

Schools picking up mobile sites for smart devices by handfuls

More and more school districts are in the palms of parents’ hands, thanks to technology employed by eSchoolView.

The website and education software development company based in Columbus, Ohio has launched scores of mobile-friendly school district websites in the past few months. The launches of the responsive sites come at a time when Google has shifted to favoring sites that are friendly to handheld devices.

“Our most important job is to connect school districts with their communities,” eSchoolView’s Executive Director Rob O’Leary said. “We must offer robust tools that meet industry standards and help schools stay at the forefront of innovation.”

Users in the U.S. now access the internet through their smartphones and WiFi-equipped tablets more than those who search the web on desktops computers.

Google will not always supply the most relevant sources after a search query is performed. Its new algorithm will push responsive, mobile-friendly sites to the top of the list, which may or may not be the primary source of the original information.

“Responsive, mobile-friendly sites are a must for school districts and their transparency,” O’Leary said. “The officials we work with want to be sure the information they’ve created and provided to their publics rises to the top, not filtered through third-party links that may not be reliable.”

eSchoolView’s mobile websites also preserve brand image and design without losing functionality across varying platforms. The company has been lauded by its client base of public school districts that operate on taxpayer funding.

“Most school districts have limited resources,” O’Leary said. “We provide cost-effective mobile ready solutions because we value the product they supply: our future and our future leaders.” 

eSchoolView developed its easy-to-use content management system specifically for schools, districts and educational organizations. The software encourages collaboration among staff so end-users — the parents and community — are given timely and relevant information.

“The landscape has really changed in terms of what parents expect from schools and how they consume the information,” O’Leary said. “They want first-hand news, videos and live events which really points to a cultural shift we are seeing across a number of industries where the demand for instant, reliable interactive media continues to grow across the board.”

eSchoolView was created in 2008 and has offices in Arizona and North Carolina. Its revenue growth ranks the company near the top third at 1907 on the Inc. 5000.

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